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How to choose a sportsbook from Canada?

The first thing to understand for your upcoming selection process, is that you’re in Canada.  There are some excellent online sportsbooks in the world, but only a handful of them have decided to focus on the Canadian market by play in Canadian Dollars with CAD accounts and Canadian-friendly deposit methods like Interac Email Transfer.  Why is it important to understand this?  You can lose a significant portion of your deposit value and your winnings due to currency exchange issues if you register with a sportsbook that only accepts other currencies.  There is no need to pay these fees or lose money to currency fluctuations, you simply have to know which services accept Canadian Dollar betting.  But you need to be careful with this.  Don’t assume that if a sportsbook brand is advertising on Television in Canada that they accept our money for direct CAD betting.  I can tell you that there are several big brands with famous spokespeople that force you to convert your deposit into a US Dollar, British Pound or Euro bankroll.

The second thing to understand is how frequently you see yourself playing.  This will help you to know whether or not you’d like to take advantage of a deposit bonus.  If you see yourself as a casual player, wagering perhaps once a week or whenever an intriguing game comes up then maybe you can pad your bankroll with some free bets or a deposit bonus.  However, if you see yourself as betting quite often, perhaps several times a week, even several times a day, you may want to sign up with the sportsbook that consistently provides you with higher paying odds.  If you play a lot, the higher paying odds will add up very quickly and will be worth significantly more than any sign-up bonus.  It simply boils down to the concepts of delayed gratification.  If you’re in it for the long term, go with the low juice sportsbook.

The third thing to consider is knowing what you like to wager on.  Every service that I list offers the usual bet types for each major sport.  This would include bets on the moneyline, against the spread or the line, and the totals or over/under.  If you’re only interested in the typical kinds of bets, the only difference between each service will be the odds pricing for each game.  However, when it comes to the prop bets or bets that are unique to a particular sport, each site has their own unique variety of what is offered.  If you are interested in these kinds of bets and you’d like to see what they offer, you can browse to learn all about betting on particular sports by visiting some of my partner sites.  You will learn about all manner of betting within each sport and which Sportsbook best caters to how you’d like to play..  

The last thing to consider in selecting a sportsbook is the site’s reputation and track record.  There are scam sportsbooks that take advantage of inexperienced bettors to varying degrees.  Some are pure scam sites that will never payout and are purely in existence to steal your cash.  Others sites may not be full–on scam sites but they do operate in a manner that can be considered unfair, where bettor accounts may be limited, especially if the bettor wins a lot.  Each of the sites I’ve listed have impeccable track records in operating fairly and in their payout record and all have been in business for a significant period of time making them some of the most reputable available.  

   Matching my listed sportsbooks with the type of player you are

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Bodog is fantastic for most people.  By that I mean the bettor that just wants to have fun and make the game more exciting by laying a few bucks on the game or maybe just to have an account for the odd interesting game.  Bodog is the only bookie that accepts Interac Email transfers, and these are limited to $1,000 in size by Interac.  Bodog also offers a ton of prop bets on all games which can add fun to your betting beyond game result.  Read the full review here.

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About my sportsbook listings: I only list the best.  I do not list online sportsbooks that failed to meet my standards, so you might notice some big international brands missing. Remember, I analysed each company from a Canadian perspective.  Many of the big brands just don’t cater to Canadians well enough.

I reviewed 20 services, but why don’t I list all 20?  Would you want to read through 20 sportsbook reviews?  Would you then sign up with the 17th best one?  Of course not.  So why would I try to create confusion for you?  I keep it simple with the best few.

I don't try to fool you with phoney grades, rankings or star ratings.  My list is in alphabetical order and I just give you the unbiased information, you choose the best one based on your preferences & requirements.

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