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Bodog sets its high betting limits based on the sport you are betting on, as well as the type of bet for the given sport - like the spread, total, moneyline, etc.  The maximum wager payout for any single bet is $100,000.  Bodog does not list withdrawal transaction limits for given funding methods on its website.

Pinnacle is the ultimate high limit sportsbook  They welcome arbitrage players, after all.  (This is where players bet on both sides of the result and guarantee themselves a profit on the wager.)  Pinnacle has very simple betting limits.  The limit is set by the amount anyone can bet on a single game within a given sport, for a given type of bet.  Pinnacle has no withdrawal limits at all.  You will only be limited by the given banking or funding method that you select.

Sports Interaction is the only purely Canadian sportsbook on the market.  They set their high betting limits based on the amount that can be wagered on any given game and depends on the type of bet. The maximum that may be won in any 7 day period is $100,000.  For the highest withdrawals for Sports Interaction, Instadebit, Instant Echecks allow $10,000 limits per transaction.  Wire transfers at $8,000.  All others are $4,000 or less per transaction.

The Best High Roller Sportsbooks for Canadians with High Betting Limits

Canadian High Rollers need to know which Canadian-friendly online sportsbooks offer the highest betting limits. Canadian-friendly means they allow Canadian Dollar deposits and account balances so that there are zero losses to currency exchange and fluctuation - this is true of the four sportsbooks we list.

Sportsbooks can enforce their limits in a number of ways.  They may limit the amount that can be bet on a given sporting event and also on the type of bet - like different limits for the total, moneyline or against the spread.  Or, the sportsbook may limit the amount that can be won on a given day within a given sporting market.  

The online sportsbook may also limit the overall amount that a customer can win on a given day or over a longer period.  Best Sportsbook Canada lists the betting limits for each of our recommended sites below so you can ensure you choose a partner with limits high enough for your wagers.  If you require ultra high betting limits and high limits are the main point of comparison for choosing a betting partner, Pinnacle will be able to take your action and allow extremely large withdrawals so that you can take your winnings efficiently and quickly.  

                    NFL        NCAAF       NBA       MLB        NHL

Spreads        $2,000      $2,000     $1,000      $500  

Moneylines   $1,000      $1,000        $500    $1,000    $1,000

Totals           $1,000      $1,000        $500      $500       $500  

Parlays        $1,000       $1,000       $500       $500       $500  

Teasers       $1,000        $1,000       $500

             Spread       Moneyline       Total

NFL:      $50,000        $20,000       $30,000

NHL:       $5,000        $10,000         $5,000

NBA:     $50,000       $20,000        $20,000

MLB:     $20,000       $30,000        $10,000

EPL:      $30,000        $20,000       $10,000

NFL (sides): $2200

NFL (totals): $880

NFL Teasers and Combination Bets: $1100

NBA, NHL & MLB (sides): $2200

NBA, NHL & MLB (totals): $880

Futures: $550

Teasers and Combination Bets: $550

Tennis: $220

Other Sports: $550

William Hill has significantly high limits, higher than most.  They set their limits based on the amount won by any player within a 24-hour period in given sports market. William Hill also accepts withdrawal methods that support large transactions.  Most methods allow for deposits up to $20,000.  Wire transfers allow for even more.

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NFL Football:     $150,000     CFL Football:           $30,000

NCAA Football:  $150,000     Soccer:               $3,000,000

NHL:                 $150,000     Baseball:                $150,000

NBA:                 $150,000     NCAA Basketball:  $150,000

Horse Racing: $1,500,000     Men's Tennis:         $150,000