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                    What is the Lowest Juice Sportsbook? - It’s Pinnacle Sports

If you’re looking for the lowest juice sportsbook, it is Pinnacle.  If you want to know what it means to be the lowest juice sportsbook, you need to know what juice is.  Juice is what the sportsbook takes as revenue for taking your bet.  You see, the goal of a sportsbook is to get an even value of wagers on both sides of a given point spread or line and make money from the juice.   Here’s an example of how it works with a football game example:

Lets say Dallas is a 7-point favourite over Buffalo.  A million dollars is bet on Dallas at 1.90 and a million dollars is bet on Buffalo at 1.90.  It is quite common for odds pricing against the spread to be priced at 1.90 for many sportsbooks.  So how does this play out?  Let’s say Dallas covered the spread.  Of that million dollars bet on Dallas, the sportsbook will have to payout $1,000,000 times odds of 1.90.  So the stake one million is returned and $900,000 of the of the money lost by those that bet on Buffalo goes to cover the winnings.  This leaves $100,000 for the sportsbook out of the total $2 million wagered.  

It should be remembered that the $100,000 from this example is revenue and not profit as each sportsbook has many costs that you will never see.  That being said, sportsbooks like Pinnacle operate on razor thin margins so that they can offer their players consistently high paying odds.  For example, as compared to the above example in football, Pinnacle often offers football pricing against the spread as high as 1.98 as opposed to 1.90.  Imagine you’re betting substantial amounts over a long period of time.  That kind of a difference adds up.  If you see yourself as a long term player, a low juice sportsbook like Pinnacle is likely your best option.

This is why the issue of a sign up bonus may not be a significant one when it comes to choosing your sportsbook of choice.  Does an extra $100 or $125 matter if you expect to be wagering several times a week or more for the foreseeable future?  The extra points in odds pricing can surpass the value of such a bonus within a few weeks of wagering.

Pinnacle has been in business since 1998.  They offer extremely high betting limits and also operate an online casino that offers the highest percentage of money returned to players (RTP) in the online gaming industry.  So if you like the idea of a little blackjack or online casino games in addition to sports betting, Pinnacle is as fair as they come.